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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 14, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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there are frightening the estis expected outgrowth of the ball loper worldwide. at hospitalas hospitals work to prevent the virus from spreading here. we welcome our viewers are watching us around the country at wgn america. the world health organization estimates there will be 5-10,000 new ebola cases every week by the first week of december. your positions as thy rate as close to 70%. spain's health minister says e w monitoring 81 potential cases including 15 people
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in hospitals. 1 united nations medical worker who was infected with the ball while working in liberia has died in germany. the sudanese man was being treated in a secure isolation ward at a hospital in leipzig. >> the patient was paceplaced in isolation monte is being assessed for the eventually which was ou hospital officials to call the daily herald that the patient was treated for symptoms and released last friday the only thing required to trigger an assessment for the ebola virus causes a patient reports like symptoms and has recently traveled to afri. >> with two nurses contracting ebola virus outside of africa one in dallas the other in france worries about proper protocols of hosps have th care workers ont. >> this california
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hospital held a drill for ebola training yesterday. evaluating a woman and baby posing as patients who recently returned es doctors and nurses wear protective gear as they checked out the en. they then put them on a stretcher and taken to a secure . one top of the room the nurses are allowed and follow the specific steps to save for remove their protecti >> doctors performed a bld transfusion on that dallas nurse infected with ebola virus. >> nina pham receive the blood transfusion dr kent brantley. >> they're hoping that antibodies inside of the doctors blood will help the ailing nurse recover. we are hearing from the patient for the first time in a written statement put out by the infected donors. she is thinking people for their kind wishes. in 26 road
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dallas nurse was infected as possible other hospital staffers were infected as well. the specially traid team cared for the now deceased, duncan. the associated press reports close to 70 hospital staffers had some degree of exposure to the patient. investigators work to tck down and isolate those staffers. growing concerns and around the country about how hospitals or urgent care facilities should deal with incoming he'd pull patnt the largest union of nurses says it has not been enough training for five months after. converse is believed hospitals are not prepared to properly deal with the deadly virus.
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experts say they're serious proble with medical waste. most hospitals cannot safely dispose of the enormous amount of wast generated from a single legal a patient. the attorney general says there are too many unanswere ti does not want the ashes from incinerated waste to transport across state s to a special louisiana landfill fored wa as for the dallas nurse. investigators are focusing on how she used her protective . one of the most meticulous thorough and effective nurses. she taught me infection control. learn so much of that from her. >> all of this comes as an able patient died in a german hospital >> a new passenger
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screening measures to >> facebook ceo is donating $25 million to hp fight the ball up. he made the announcement on a social media page this morning. the money will go to the centers for disease control foundation pay for training and assist first responders and stoppinghe spread of the bal.people lovethe ball e is. >> the world's largest chocolate companies are also joining the battle against the bowl appearancebola >> a charity affiliated with the catholic church. west africa produces about 70 percent of the world cocoa supply. >> a major health challenge for chicago teachers union president. she is brain cancer. the surprising development is a big impact on me they are a race.the may laurel
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race. >> some wonder when and if she will be back here to resume her duties. i think she has a pretty good reason to not running. the moves make sense tny peoplthe news make sense to many people. discovered last week. the 61 year- old union leader underwent a five hour surgery at northwestern. she faces a regimen of chemotherapy and radiation. official word from her exploratory committee barack prom reaction from the mayor emmanu. both wished her a speedy recovery stressing the importance of her health. development has dramatically changed the mayor's race. many are noting it will not be much of a race at all. >> i think it is
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just going to be a shoe in. >> needs competition because he needs to strike and some of e things he is not doing right and then change. >> that is tough to have her out. unfortunately for the illn >> back in july 1st poll shows lois the head of the mayor 45-36%. 18 percent of voters on the side.undecided >> more than two dozen people were injured after a megabus overturned. >> this was to be that final destination. right here at the corner of jackson and canal. we've seen several megabuses coming in. this
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particular bus was coming to chicago from atlanta. the crash earlier this >> this is what it looked like inside of the bus after the crash. it was recorded by a passenger from a suburban st. charles. he described for our morning show how he was drawn away. >> i rolled off of the seat. i remember rolling and rolling and waiting for something to knock me out. >> the crash happened around 4:30 a.m. on the interstate 65 outside of indianapolis. the driver told company officials he was hit by a car that was trying to avoid another crash. the boss handed up flippi over when the driver over corrected. several people had to be rushed to the hospital. including a woman who had her hands trapped underneath t
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bus >> there is a police officer of breaking the window. one individual who was critically injured was laying face down. they had to call and get her extricated out. a nonprofit organization that takes wounded veterans to nfl games on his way back to chicago after attending the buccaneers raven's game in tampa. he told our sister station his focus had been on his son who was driving back by himself. i was more word about him getting home by himseworried about him getting home by himsel >> six of his other passengers have serious but non ending injuries. as well as about 20 other passengers a half mile to moderate injuries.
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the rest of the passenger is also winning at the hoit died early yesterday morning. never regained consciousness after your shot by a co- worker on july 31st. also killed himself. police say he had been told he was being demoted. is the founder of the supply technology firm arrows strain. he leaves behind a wife and three dauger >> police in champagne are investigating a string of mob attacks on the university of illinois campus. four separate attacks were reported early saturday morning. victims say they were approached by a group of six-eight
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men and be in for no appare reason. the injuries are described as minor cuts and bruises. the south suburban police officer who was wrongfully accused of being the so-called honeybee killer has reached a settlement in a lawsuit against those involved in his arre. bryan dorian was originally charged with killing one person and wounding two others during the tuesday shooting re in 2010. police later linked the shootings to 40 -old gary amaya. >> charges were dismissed but he sued will county officials. he is asking for more than $1 million in dama a news conference scheduled for this afternoon. >> if you want to drive on smoothes treaty will hav pa more to park. a new push to repair pot holes on chicago roadwa. the mayor wants to raise the parking garage tax by two full percentage points.
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the city will fix treaty around with the additional money. despite the bumps you've no doubt encountered so far this city is filled more than 750,000 potholes. >> the head of the cta appears to be keeping his promise to get rid of bad workers. records show the cta president has fired about 900 people since taking the job in 2002011. firings increased every year in those three ye about 550 firings in the three years prior to his tenure. the numbers are dropping. the reason for the firings include chronic absenteeism as well as rules and safety violation >> the union says some of the firings were unjustified or done too hastily. >> teachers and administrators and waukegan are back at the bargaining table trying to end a two weeklong teachers'
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st. talks resumed at 9:30 a.m.. a 14 hour bargaining session broke off without a new deal. open to compromise but not at the exp of the district's finahe. teachers walked off thjo just after mid. seen several people leaving the school. police say they got away with more than $100,000 worth of items. no arrests have been >> coming up next. oscar pistorious dancing hearing is entering a number two. passengers get a major midnight scare. parts of a wall collapsed. we will have the latest in an arkansas after se
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swept from southern illinois to florida. died on a tornado collapsed as home. his wife is in critical con. another confirmed touchdown in england arkansas near little rock damage to buildings hit by a different turn it
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all if 11 days ago. other tornados have been confirmed and long creek illinois. >> president obama will meet with more than 24 and chiefs of defense today. to discuss the coalition efforts in the ongoing campaign against isis. it will be impossible for them to hold their ground if current conditions continue. u.n. officials say there could be at least 10,000 civilians trapped in that cerathat syrian city. militants would control three major border crossings between turkey and syria. there is a dangerous element to the threat posed by isis terrorist. they may have chemical weapons. kurdish activists and syria ha taken for all those that suggest three kurdish fighters were killed in july with
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chemical agents. israeli scientists ha examined the pictures of the body the physis was able to seize a supply of chemical weapons on its march through syria the need for an international military sponsors urgent than evresponse is more urgent than ever. >> he should not be sent to prison for killing his girlfr that's the recommendation from a probation officer. the officer says the prison conditions such as overcrowding violence drugs aids and poor hygiene will have a devastating effect on the olympian. the officer is the testify on the defense team's beha. pistorious was convicted of culpable homicide. >> a u.s. marine is accused of killing a trans tender person i pi the marine allegedly strangled 26 year- old jennifer laude.
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to mad at a disco bar on saturday night and later checked into a hotel. a hotel worker found her body slumped over a toilet. the marine is under custody aboard ship. three other marines possible witnesses are also being held. >> kim jong mom is back. police that is what the north korean government more than aople to month after he dropped out of public view state- run media released neufeld was of him. the show him using a walking stick for support in visiting the state academy of sciences. the doctor says to his face appears to be swollen from painkillers. she says kim's family has a history of diabetes are problems obesity and psychologil issues >> american airlines flight from san francisco to dallas had to make an emergency landing after part of the planes walls came off in mid-air. i happened about an hour inte
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flight passengers in the inteors around the 14th row saddam began to pull away from the wa from the floor to the ceiling on both sides of the plane. really loud and a ripping sound. the walls are caving in. the problem was caused by what they say is a blown air duct. crews say the wall panels just cosmetic. there is no pressure lost. the oxygen masks never deployed. no one was hurt. >> i bet they were pretty scared. pumpkin growing technology finally breaks to the mythical 1 t barrier. the massive court tip the scales at 2,058 chpkwaint the world fo. that broke the north
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american record for heaviest pumpkin. california farmer won $13,000. that works out to about $6.30 a pound. >> mcdonald's lets customers see what really goes into their food. >> another car recall. this time it is chrysler. we will tell you which models. >> we are in the kitchen with emmy award winning chef and best-selling cookbo >> i am here to kick
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for the second straight day hong kong authorities are chipping away at the massive protest . the police
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broke down barricades that blocr roads in key business distri. they did not try to clear out the pro-democracy activists. demonstrators took over a tunnel in front of the government hete. despite police using pepper spray as a way to stoem >> >> catherine is down stocks are bouncing back across the nasdaq. the dow was not up about 86. chrysler is recalling 184 sub s pickup and airbag problems. the companies as a potential short circuit could prevent the air packs from the point. chrysler says it is unaware of any injuries or accidents tied to the problem. the door and go and gr cherokee were both recalled in april due to faulty . one of the world's largest breakbanks is pulling out
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of onsome countries. the moves are aimed at narrowing the bank's focus to markets where as a competitive adva the bank expects to complete the actions by the end of next year. they previously shut down operations in greasepaint and turkey. mcdonald's is taking on its critics. the fast- food giant is asking and answering question about the quality of its food. they have launched an informational campaign called our food your questions. curious consumers coulfi h mcnuggets are made. mcdonald also wants to po rest the myth that its food contains think slime. >> google is launching its same- day delivery se in the boston area today. in the service will deliver orders within several ho so for a company's have partneth og this said
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they expect more retailers to participate and may expand delivery areas. increases competition with amazon. u.s. and for some mysterious unmanned s e. i expected to land some. speculation has been growing about other possibility is. testing of a secret space weapon. .
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>> and a study indicates what an mean for the future of the bride and groom turned
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first class. priority mail. certified. international. and the mail man picks it up. i don't leave the shop anymore. [ male announcer ] get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. time for sports. the bears have one more day before preparations b for the dolphins on sunday. could both
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returned to practice this week. several bear spent less my wo waiters at charles ptomaines cornerstone foundation palin even more his finest cowbot. he and the rest of the defense have their best ge the year-old in the falcons to 13 po holding the falcons to 13 points. >> is energy is consistent. each and every day. as you see him a lot for me as a smile on his face. hohe is a i think is plate and his energy resonates ug the meeting rooms. >> the 1999 super bowl champions were on hand to talk the niners came back in the third. 32 your
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touchdown. the hundred and 43 yds pa san francisco wins 31- 17. >> little league championship attended the chicago bulls preseason game. the one on a 29-4 run. a game- high 24 points. chicago bulls tied it at 58. >> 15 points while the rookie added 16. the chicago bulls 1110-90. improved to 2-2. >> jim ramsey
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calls the fog and drizzle the rain. we have a live picture show you. this is looking north along the lakeshore drive. what do you think of that? >> you're looking a low clouds and fog. probably a little drizzle as well. we still have some lingering showers and a few spots. some of the showers may get really really impressiv the moment you can see is a big system. we're in a relative quiet area right now. some showers popping up that do not amount to much at all. a lot of rain fall. the center of the storm is located in the center of the storm.
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>> a louis staying put. will move into central illinois and maybe north. it is associated with a large cut off that does not move with . but if pushed off to the east. we can finally get in on some afternoonshinun. that is still a coup some of it is very heavy rain. the to the gulf of mexico through georgi ohio and michigan. the backside the precipitation teston parts of southwestern wisconn. the hardest-hit area today has been down through central georgia west and south carolina. that is where the heaviest rain has been occurri. nothing like we saw yesterday. computer models suggest this afternoon during again more rainit is possibly even some thunderstorms developing. as we go during the day on wednesday you
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concede that more interesting and fall will be coming into the area. police should have just some clouds and made a lingering shark. by thursday afternoon in the sky should bright and and ul have a reasonable today. how much additional rainfall? >> as much as 2.5 in. of more rain. picked up about 65 hundredths of an in that does not count. we are waiting for those numbers to come in. about an inch and a half of rainfall expected down towards midway airport? >> 61 degrees at o'hare airport. wind coming off like michigan at 10 mi. per ur temperatures all arou area in the '60s. we actually had a 67 degree temperature gh that willlast probably end up being today's high temperatur it is possible we could see our temperatures
12:37 pm
climb into least the mid 's. the wind off of the lake erie speeds about 5-12 mi. per hour. >> back to normal in every spot. 10 mi. of visibility. the reduced threat along ke in fact looking up into parts of southwestern wisconsin visibility is pretty skinny as . before mitchell finally see this situation began to improve a bit. here's the amassed. notice this area that lingers. that is the cooler air with the rain sh >> with time and will tend to lift. >> in the meantime we're thinking probably looking at upper fifties and low-mid-60s. however
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look at the heat that is building up toward the southwest and west coast also along the gulf coast. the contrast in temperatures that su volatile day after day. 305 severe weather report. a report of as many as 13 tornadic reports co i let's go to the forecast now. cloudy skies periods of rain. cooler temperatures high temperature 60-67. wind southeast. some thunder gusty winds and a low temperature of 53. looking ahead to wednesday not much imprt. >> to win to be a little dusty at times. that is not the prettiest forecast i have ever seen. things will
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get better. >> right now i have my hunter books >> right now i have my hunter books ready.
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team found a molecule in th honeysuckle that stops influence any viruses from multiplying in the body. the rapidly mutating viruses cause swine and avian flu. halloween can be a scary time for kids with food allergies. the food allergy research and education organization wants teal. ittreaters to encourages people to teal painted pumpkin house side of their door if they are offering on food treat the campaign has gone viral. the first facebook post llop. >> couples spend less on their wedding tent have wanderlust and ma and
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researchers where it t be because couples who have a cheap wedding are a perfect match or could be that spending less on the wedding relieves young people of a financial burden that may strain the marria. >> lunch break is coming up next. can not wait for this. we're making and mozzarella and we're making and mozzarella and celery s. a1 im
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tell me about the
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food festival. it is an organization othat does a lot of great chefs. and we did it for five ears. become part of our mailing list so you know for next year. it is all about the chefs. they give class as. we make three visits with them. tonight we have a great dinne >> to a cooked with his mother and italy. they're all starships from italy. our resident ch it is this
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combination. it came to see you on one to leave you with a good recipe. >> a little bit of oil and a little bit of butter. you from the mushrooms and a brown ch >> do you smell a little whi wine? >> one hand. you do not have too dirty to pans. a little bit of tomato past >> let's make it happen. >> there you go you've got it. the magic touch. here we are a jury had this
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is the wind the to make u a little bit of butter. a little bit of salt. >> ultimately dresses your gratin. >> just at the last moment. some great cheese on top. this is the kind of cheese that you use for possible. just leave it like this. i like a little bit of stage in her.sage in there. >> put on the cover and let it simmer. >> you can put more tomatoes if you . you can use other kinds. >> this is what is
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going on here in chicago. >> the chefs are there for questions. a good place to gather socially also. it is all about family. >> all of the things we sell there. 40 percent of those items we only have them. that is because we collaborate. the movement of some loan delivery. produced the best traditional prodts can not ship it at large. the flavors really are differt.
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>> if you want to cook a culture you need a traditional also did a salad. >> rear getting into winter. what else do you do. i thought it was a little different. >> tube the mozzarella. toss it could make a vinaigre with mustard and a little lemon juice. tossup together with some toted. you have yourself a great appetite. >> what would you like to taste? >> you did say there
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are still some tickets left. >>nope. no more tickets. >> then need to go onto the web site and become part of our mailing list. they get all of the exciting things that we'oi. next time we'll have to get you to do this sooner. >> we do it once a year but we're having a lot of other good defense. events. >> you'll see all of the teaching of events. we have cookbook authors. we of lectures. >> some much to do and see and taste. it is just fabulous. and see and taste. it is just fabulous.
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dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. time for the answers
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to today's trivia question. which of the following items does n belong to italy? >> the love the musical accompaniment. with our fabulous not an italian meal. >> what a great day. >> what we've got is a fairly impressive developed. this is category 2. it looks like it's not stop is going to be bermuda. because it is over a very fertile ground conditions are right. it could become a category 4 hurricane. already it has brought some very strong wave action. a lot of rain fall. right off of the coast of pr. we're going to watch that very closely. it does not appear to be a storm that is going to affect the u.s. mainland. satellite pictures suggest it is not satellite pictures suggest it is not very organized.
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